World Cinema People: Neruda



It is 1948. Right-wing Gabriel González Videla is elected president with the support of the communists, among whom is Pablo Neruda. However, Videla can’t stand communists; internationally renowned Neruda in particular raises his ire. Police inspector Oscar Peluchonneau is assigned to track down and arrest Neruda. A game of cat and mouse between both men ensues. But how real is it all? What did the audience think of Neruda, a film by Chilean director Pablo Larraín?


Photos and text: Elisangela Rosario



I liked the film, special the cat and mouse metaphor used to tell us the relationship between the fugitive (Neruda) and the policeman (Oscar). This connotation turned the chase easy to understand and even more familiar for us. That was the way as the director caught our attention, involved us in the trailer and made the scene pleasant for us. My attention was disperse at the first moment but the director could fix my attention easily with this resource.



maria ameliaMaria Amelia:

As a Chilean person, I could see beautiful details in the film, not only the way how the film was recorded, but also some particular images from Chile. You know, I could see some important part of Chile’s history and recognise some special places from my country in those scenes. For me, when I have the chance to review some Chile places is always singular even in a long film like this.






image3Catrien and Christina:

I really loved the movie because the director could show us what he was stand for. He made a wonderful story. You know the policeman can be the ugly character. However the director invented a policeman like that … completely unexpected, he used a sensitive and poetic language to compose this policeman role. On the other hand, the policeman is also a symbol, which is going through. So, the director was emphatic and tender in order to capture distinct aspect of the scene and character to present us a singular film. I have never seen a movie like this where the system, or what happens in the country, was really made into a fabulous story like this. It was a fantastic story but absolutely about life. It was a poetic narrative and the whole story flowed as a poem