World Cinema Specials: GO CUBA!

Cuba is abundant with film talent, but the resources for film production are very limited. Therefore World Cinema Amsterdam began a collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2015 on a project called GO CUBA!


This initiative acts as a fund where Cuban filmmakers find extra support in order to complete their film projects. Every year (2015 – 2017), up to five shorts and two feature films receive the financial aid of GO CUBA! with a maximum of € 2.500 per selected short film project and € 10.000 for the feature film projects.


World Cinema Amsterdam will show the results of the project of the second round through the screening of five shorts and two films, all belonging to the first and second generation of Cuban projects that were supported by the fund in December 2015 and 2016.


This year three different film selections have been programmed. On Friday August 25th and Saturday August 26th these film clusters are screened, containing the following films:

Go Cuba 1: El Ultimo País and El Hormiguero. Both directors will be present during the screening.
Friday August 25 at 19.15h and  Saturday 26 August at 18.45h


Go Cuba 2: Un Instante and El Proyecto.
Friday August 25 at 21.40h


Saturday August 26 at 17.15h

  • Belleza

    Each year, two girls meet in the city of Gibara. It’s a place filled with good and happy memories....

  • El Hormiguero

    A quiet young woman is robbed in the slums of Havana where she lives. It’s not for the first...

  • El Pescador

    Tomas, a humble Cuban fisherman, is having a harsh winter at the open sea. For the sake of his family and...

  • El Proyecto

    “I return to the hallways inhabited by ghosts,” director Alejandro Alonso says in a whisper, meaning the hallways of...

  • El Último País

    A cathartic film, yet also a declaration of love for her native Cuba, pervaded by melancholy – with these...

  • Paco y Lucía

    Paco and Lucía are co-renting an apartment. Though they are quite different, they manage to live together in reasonable...

  • Un Instante

    Two women live across from each other in apartment blocks once built by a workers’ cooperative. They resemble women...