Jury WCA 2017


Every year the jury who picks the winning film for the Jury Award, consists of talented film makers who have earned their merits in world cinema. This year World Cinema Amsterdam is honoured to have an all female jury for the first time. We proudly introduce them:


Appoline Traoré (Burkina Faso, 1976) travelled the world as a child with her father who worked for the United Nations. In 1993, she started studying at Emerson College in Boston and five years later she received her Bachelor of Media Art. She worked for independent films in Los Angeles for a few years before returning to her native country in 2001 to make films about Africa. She has made three features since, the last of which is the road movie Frontières that is screened in the festival’s Actual Africa section.


Dominga Sotomayor (Chile, 1985) studied Film & TV at Universidad Católica de Chile. Her directorial career began in 2005, with two experimental videos. Since then she has made nine more films, including the feature De Jueves a Domingo, which won many awards, such as the Tiger Award at the 2012 International Film Festival Rotterdam. She co-founded the Chilean film production company Cinestación and the Centro de Cine y Creación, a brand new art-house cinema in Santiago that will open its doors in 2018.


Gretel Marín Palacio (Cuba, 1989) is a jury member, but the Go Cuba! programme also features the world premiere of her first long documentary: El Último Pais, which presents a very personal view of her native country. She studied direction at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana. Her graduation film Pero la noche won several awards. She then moved to Paris where she studied Theory & Film as well as Documentary Film at Sorbonne University. She currently works as a director and editor for the production company Geração 80 Produções in Luanda, Angola.