Meeting ALL the directors


Wat World Cinema Amsterdam ook zo bijzonder maakt is het feit dat er veel regisseurs aanwezig zijn om over hun film te vertellen. Ze doen dat graag, ook na de q&a’s, en mengen moeiteloos met het publiek. Een voordeel is dat wij ze natuurlijk ook even aan de tand kunnen voelen. Dit jaar hebben we een groot aantal filmmakers kunnen … Read More

It’s a wrap! Closing night of WCA2017 was one to remember


After 10 days of top cinema with great people, films, directors and interesting q&a’s and events we could only celebrate a very succesful festival in style. The closing film and award ceremony plus a fun party to top it off makes for a night to remember. Mélanie Lemahieu was there to capture those special moments.  

Audience Award


We like to hear your opinion on the movies we screen. The film with the highest average vote in our audience poll will win the Audience Award, a cash prize of 5000 for a next film project. And the winner is: Frontières!

WCA Open Air Mawlana


On one of the finer summer nights the open air screening of Mawlana took place on Marie Heinekenplein. Mélanie Lemahieu was around to capture the best moments of the event. Check out all the photos here.

The Wound wins Jury Award, Frontières Audience Award


The Wound won this year’s Jury Award for best film. South African director John Trengove, who attended the festival’s first few days, was happy to receive this price. The award comes with 5000 euro fee for a future film project. Trengove sent the festival attendees a video message as a reaction to the good news.     The Audience Award … Read More

Festival video


We loved every minute of WCA2017! Sanne van Zoest made this cool overview video of big and small highlights during the festival.

World Cinema in the Open Air: Newton


The open air sessions at Marie Heinekenplein are more laidback than ever, with the loungy beach chairs and big cushions. Watching a film under the stars was never more comfortable. On August 24th we screened Newton, an Indian comedy. Cloud Mine Photography – Photographer in Amsterdam was there to take some impression pics.  

World Cinema People on Vazante


It is the first time that Brazil’s slavery history was ever depicted in a film: Daniela Thomas chose this theme as the main one in Vazante. What did the audience think of the film? Rocco ter Haar was there to ask them, when the film was screened on August 23rd.  

WCA in the picture


World Cinema Amsterdam would not be a good film festival if we did not understand or use the power of images. So for each event at this year’s edition we were able to find a talented photographer to help us build a keen book of memories. You can find an overview of photo collections on this page.