Audience Award


846x Audience Award

We like to hear your opinion on the movies we screen. The film with the highest average vote in our audience poll will win the Audience Award, a cash prize of 5000 for a next film project. And the winner is: Frontières!


Audience Award poll

Frontières: 9,0 (winner Audience Award WCA 2017)
Esteban: 8,8
Kedi: 8,8
The Wound: 8,8
Bar Bahar: 8,7
Una Mujer Fantástica: 8,7
La Novia del Desierto: 8,6
The Wedding Ring: 8,4
Newton: 8,3
Tess: 8,3
Vaya: 8,3
Mawlana: 8,2
The Net: 8,2
Thina Sobabili: 8,2
93 Days: 8,0
Félicité: 8,0
Wùlu: 8,0
Vazante: 7,9
Pendular: 7,8
Mrs. Right Guy: 7,7
Blessed Benefit: 7,6
El Sonido de las Cosas: 7,6
Wallay: 7,6
Green White Green: 6,0


Vote and win
By tearing the little ballot paper we hand out, you can let us know what you think of the movie you’ve just seen. If you write down your emailaddress on the back of the ballot you get a chance to win A Night Out for Two: dinner and wine at the CousCousClub next door, film and drinks in Rialto. We emailed the three winners last week!


All feature films released in or after 2015 are eligible.