Meet DJ AngelD’Cuba


Following the screening of the Cine Cuba opening film on Saturday 18 August, things will get hot at Rialto! We’ll dance into the night to the catchy Cuban beats of DJ AngelD’Cuba. Meet this class act DJ who has already earned his stripes playing Cuban music.

First-class DJ AngelD’Cuba
AngelD’Cuba, born and raised in Cuba, has already more than proved his worth in the Cuban music and dance world as founder of the Cuban group ContraTempo; artistic director of Havana Café, one of Cuba’s most famous discos with live music; and producer of several Latin artists (collectives). He travelled the world with Cuba’s most famous orchestras, including Buena Vista Social Club, Orquesta Aragón (Sitio Oficial) and Polo Montañez, mostly in the 1990s. In 2000 Angel Luís started his own dance school in Amsterdam named El Punto Cubano, where he teaches Cuban dance and music styles, from changüí to rumba. In recent years he has also evolved into a professional DJ. cubalibreHis versatile background, extensive experience and specific knowledge give him a carácter único as a DJ.

Fiesta Latinoamericana: Estilo Cubano
Our seasoned Latin DJ will turn up the heat to tropical levels in our lobby-turned-dance floor. Cocktails and empanadas in Estilo Cubano will of course also be available on the festive opening night of Cine Cuba. The Facebook event and the full day’s programme can be found here. A bailar!