And the winners are..


The World Cinema Amsterdam 2018 Jury Award goes to Las herederas, by Marcelo Martinessi, from Paraguay. The World Cinema Amsterdam 2018 Audience Award goes to Sir, by Rohena Gera, from India. The awards come with 5000 euro fee for a future film project.

Jury statement
The Jury Award is announced by the jury. It was a difficult choice to make for Aboozar Amini, Marcel Beltrán and Margarida Moz, this year’s jury. “It was a tremendous selection. After a long and fruitful discussion, we chose for Las herederas.”

“It’s a very well-written scenario. All parts are equally strong and connected together organically. The topic is a daring one. With it’s novelty it goes behond banality and clichés and challenges our perception on categories we thought we knew beyond question.”

“In this film, everything is where it should be. Every object has been chosen carefully and gets dealt with through the process of storytelling becoming even a complimentary point to the cinematography. Along with the image and the confinement to a space come the brilliant performances of the main characters who add to each frame the right gaze, breath, and movement, adding the humanity that sets the tone of the film and has touched the jury unanimously. With an artistic language that cuts across boundaries and reaches our hearts, this very human and beautiful film is a celebration of life.”


Marcelo Martinessi was present to receive the Jury Award on site. Las herederas is distributed by Contact Film, October 25th.

Audience Award

Opening WCA 2018

The Audience Award is chosen by the audience. The audience chose Sir. With the great score of 9.3 out of 10, Sir is the deserved winner of the Audience Award. Rohena Gera was present in the beginning of World Cinema Amsterdam and she was updated with the great news. She is really happy with it. Congratulations Rohena Gera!

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