Actual Africa

With Actual Africa this year’s edition of World Cinema Amsterdam dives into Sub-Sahara African cinema, featuring 20 films from 10 countries. Films that not only display the status of cinematographic developments, but also reveal relevant and topical insights in the depicted countries. The film selection provides a chrystal clear image of the great continent’s cultural richnesss and diversity, which is needed to break through existing persistent negative stereotypes and poor imaging, lacking nuance. An exquisite palette of films is the result, as well as interesting conversation material, for which there is plenty of time during the introductions and q&a sessions.


In collaboration with numerous African-Dutch organisations a carefully compiled program was created, that focusses on various topical themes and urgent issues. On the opening day of Actual Africa (August 19th) we will discuss the imaging and stereotyping of the African continent in the Talkshow ‘A POSITIVE IMAGE OF AFRICA?! ’. How does it influence the filmmakers? The present African directors will share their experience and expertise on these matters. The talkshow will be moderated by Congolese-Dutch writer Kiza Magendane after an introduction by Jerry Afriyie. Get your free ticket at the Rialto box office or online. We will end the opening day in style with the swinging Actual African Party.