Cinema Turkey Now!


Every year World Cinema Amsterdam turns the spotlight on the cinema of a specific country or region where special things are happening in the field of filmmaking. In this sense, the festival will dedicate the focus of its 2016 edition to Turkey through the programme Cinema Turkey Now! by showcasing not only feature films, but also documentaries and shorts.


Thanks to the work of renowned filmmakers such as Nuri Bilge Ceylan and Semih Kaplanoglu, the industry has kept an eye on Turkish cinema during the last years. Recently a new generation of filmmakers has blossomed within the country with a remarkably high proportion of female directors. In their films they will show – from a local and feminine perspective – the real situation of girls and women in Turkish society today.


Some other films in the programme address the issue of the current situation of the Kurdish community in South–east Turkey. Through these movies the filmmakers show some of the different aspects of the Kurdish culture and let us see life in a besieged region.


Special Event: panel Turkish film professionals

For all those who are interested in contemporary Turkish cinema we offer a special extra event, open to the public. This event takes place on Monday August 22nd in Rialto, from 2.30pm until 4pm and features three Turkish film professionals who offer interesting insights in the Turkish film industry and the audience will be given the opportunity to discuss with them. First Istanbul Independent Film Festival director and cofounder of Yeni Film Fonu (New Film Fund Non-fiction Film Support Program) Serra Ciliv will give an introduction in the latest developments in Turkish cinema. Then we host a panel discussion between Serra Ciliv, cineast Ahu Özturk (her debut Dust Cloth premiered during Berlin Film Festival earlier this year) and Müge Turan, film journalist, acclaimed film critic and involved in the Istanbul Modern and Montreal International Film Festival as co-curator).


Free entry as of 2pm but make sure you get tickets at the information desk due to limited seats.