Cuba is not a rich country. Scraping together the necessary funds to make a film is quite a challenge; there simply isn’t much money around. Also, Cuba isn’t really a country of open-minded authorities that cherish artistic freedom. Makers of independent, critical films may have to face serious consequences.

Given these circumstances one would expect few to none interesting local cinematic productions, but actually the opposite is true: Cuba has a rich film tradition that continues to this day. New film talent is still emerging, as evidenced by the films that can be seen during WCA’s Cine Cuba. How is that possible?

Cuban directors Marcel Beltrán (El desaparecído, La música de las esferas), Daiyan Noa (AdoleCe), Yimit Ramírez (Gloria eterna) and producer Claudia Expósito (AdoleCe) will try to answer this question. Moderator: film journalist Dana Linssen (De Filmkrant, NRC Handelsblad). Go to the event.
Saturday, 18 August, 16:30h – 18:00h (Rialto) 

Since 2011 Rialto has been presenting a monthly Cracking the Frame programme featuring documentaries about important contemporary artists. This edition of WCA will also include a typical Cracking the Frame entry: JAAR el lamento de las imágenes, a film about the influential and highly socially engaged Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar. With introduction!
Monday, 20 August, 21:15h(Rialto) 

Five times a year De Balie and Rialto join forces during DeBalie@Rialto to provide relevant and topical background to the film of the day. On these occasions, we invite experts and specialists to weigh in on a discussion about the film with their expertise critical look. For Sergio & Serguéi we talk to journalist and writer Wim Jansen about the Cold War and Cuba. Jansen, a former Latin American correspondent for Trouw newspaper, visited Cuba several times in the 1990s.
Tuesday, 21 August, 19:15h (Rialto)

Feminism in Iran, Panahi’s cinematic art, the ways in which Iranian citizens, artists and intellectuals support each other, regardless of national, religious, gender and age limits: these are subjects that philosopher / writer Heidi Dorudi will address in her introduction to Jafar Panahi’s new film 3 Faces. Dorudi, who publishes a lot on her personal website, is currently working on a book about philosopher Hannah Arendt. This, her first book, is to be published in the autumn of 2018.
Saturday, 25 August, 20:00h (De Balie)