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These 9 directors will be present during WCA 2022

9 directors will be present during the festival for informative Q&A sessions.

We are proud to announce that for this edition, a total of 9 directors of different films will be present during the festival. All 9 will take the stage for informative Q&A sessions spread across our various festival locations.

The Q&A sessions give the audience a unique opportunity to get to know talented filmmakers from all over the world, and to engage in conversation with them about their films, vision and thoughts. Every year, these sessions during World Cinema Amsterdam turn out to be a special experience and a special enrichment of the film and festival experience.

Check out the complete overview of all directors and their Q&A sessions below:

  • Casablanca Beats - Nabil Ayouch (Marocco, 2021, 101')
  • Next Sohee  - July Jung (South Korea, 2022, 135')
  • My Small Land  - Emma Kawawada (Japan, 2022, 114')
  • Utama  - Alejandro Loayza Grisi (Bolivia, 2022, 87')
  • 1976 - Manuela Martelli (Chile, 2022, 95')
WCA Presents
  • Tundra - José Luis Aparicio (Cuba, 2022, 30')
Cine Chile
  • Sin Título - Dominga Sotomayor (Chile, 2020, 16')