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Close-Up on Kiarostami

A series of eight films by Iranian master filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami

Despite the tightened measures, Rialto will remain open during the day and you can safely enjoy a nice selection of films from all corners of the world. What are we really looking forward to? A series of eight films by the Iranian master filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami: a man whose films were acclaimed in the West, while in his native country they were marginalized and sometimes banned.

They are all masterpieces, because they come so close to the essence of cinema. Kiarostami was not a fan of films where the viewer's movie experience was held hostage by a boarded-up screenplay with a plot twist at the end; films had to offer the viewer space and tranquility to interpret what was happening on the silver screen.

In the coming months, Rialto will present eight masterpieces from Kiarostami's rich oeuvre: The Traveler, Where is the Friend's House?,And Life Goes On, Through the Olive Trees, Close-Up, Ten, The Wind Will Carry Us and Taste of Cherry.

Those who already know his work will enjoy seeing his films again. For those new to his work, this is the perfect opportunity to endlessly enrich themselves with masterly cinema.