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For the 12th edition of WCA

From August 20 to 27, 2022, it's time for the 12th edition of World Cinema Amsterdam, the film festival that has been showing the best films from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean for a decade now.

Drum roll! This year's focus country is....

The 12th will take place in the main locations Rialto De Pijp, Rialto VU and De Balie. In addition, there will be various one-off performances at pop-up locations throughout the city.

In addition to the worldly competition films, the latest crop from Go Cuba! and the WCA Specials, the festival this year offers a focus program focused on cinema from: Chile.

In addition to these program components, expect fun parties where there will be dancing and many film makers on the floor. We can't wait and are working hard to put down a great program!

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