Feast on Brazilian-style food with WCA caterer Sabor de Maria

During WCA 2022, eat a mouth-watering Brazilian bite at Maria's.

In a charming building in the middle of the Pijp you’ll find Sabor de Maria, which in Portuguese translates to The taste of Maria. This is where Maria Luiza Dourado, originally from Brazil, has been cooking delicious dishes from Brazilian cuisine for the past sixteen years. That long ago, she picked up the baton from another Maria, who began the store in 1997. The history of the store therefore revolves around the taste of the two Marias.

Maria, who has worked as a cook all her life, prepares here the tastiest Brazilian dishes. Maria describes Sabor de Maria as a real neighborhood store, where local residents come to get good, healthy and affordable food.

What kind of treats are on the menu during WCA? A little sneak peek:

  • Feijoada, a well-known Brazilian dish with a special story. Feijoada originated during the time when Brazil was still a colony of Portugal. From plantation owners, enslaved people received the parts of a pig they themselves did not want to eat, such as the skin, tail, and ears. Together with black beans and various vegetables, they created a delicious dish, which has become one of the most typical dishes from Brazil.
  • Moqueca de peixe: a fish stew with coriander, tomato and for vegetarians, various vegetables from the oven. It’s a traditional Brazilian dish that was eaten by the Indigenous people centuries ago.

Besides being owner and chef, Maria is also a real film lover and looks forward to her collaboration with World Cinema Amsterdam. She often finds inspiration in the kitchen by the films that she watches. For her, cooking is a process of making – a primal feeling that is rooted in love. She experiences the same feelings when she is touched by a film. Love and attention are the basis of films, but for a cook in the kitchen.