These WCA films are in cinemas now & soon!

Did you miss these films? No worries!

Not been able to see all films during World Cinema Amsterdam 2022? These films are playing now or will be released soon in the film theatres.

Now on view

Casablanca Beats and Lingui, the Sacred Bonds are both currently screening at cinemas in the Netherlands. Casablanca Beats by French-Moroccan director Nabil Ayouch was part of the World Cinema Amsterdam Competition programme and is about the Moroccan former rapper Anas who teaches young people to express themselves through hip-hop and the art of rapping.

Lingui, the Sacred Bonds by director Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, who was a guest at WCA in 2006 with Un homme qui crie, was included in the World Cinema Specials programme and is about Maria, the 15-year-old daughter of Chadian Amina, who becomes pregnant. Maria would like an abortion, but that is almost impossible to arrange in Chad. Director Haroun shows this to the viewer in a subdued and human way.

In addition to the above two titles, three other films from the World Cinema Specials programme will be released in Dutch cinemas.

Coming soon

Ningdu and Amigo Secreto are two of the three beautiful and critically acclaimed titles that will be released in Dutch cinemas at the end of this month, Jesús López will be shown from early 2023:

Ningdu is a surrealistic pop art animation by director Lei Lei that tells the story of a disintegrated Chinese family and their special, strong bond. Filmmaker and animation artist Lei Lei delves into the recent Chinese past, and particularly that of his family, to give meaning to the present, using a highly original combination of animation techniques: from paper cutouts to colourful clay dolls, and even his hand appears on screen.

Maria Augusta Ramos' unsettling Brazilian documentary Amigo Secreto shows in great detail how democracy is eroded when judicial guarantees are lacking. After almost three decades of democratic stability, Brazil is flirting with fascism. Director Maria Augusta Ramos looks at this dangerous development, the decisive role that the judiciary plays in this process and how 'lawfare' - the use of the law as a weapon against political opponents - endangers democracy all over the world.

At the beginning of 2023, cinema-goers will finally be able to sit down to watch the Argentine film Jesús López by Maximiliano Schonfeld. In it, the aimless teenager Abel feels the urge to take over the role of his deceased cousin Jésus. Schonfeld set this film in a rural community in Argentina, making it palpable what life is like for the young people who live there. He mixes this psychological approach with magical realist elements in this story about transformation and resurrection. Winner of Best Latin American Film, Mar del Plata Film Festival.