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The competition programme is confirmed

Jayro Bustamante's Temblores opens the tenth edition

Jayro Bustamante's Temblores opens the tenth edition of World Cinema Amsterdam on Thursday August 15. The film has been included in the competition programme, the backbone of the festival, together with eight more films.

It is not the first time that a film by Jayro Bustamante opens the festival. In 2015, WCA screened his debut Ixcanul, winner of the Silver Bear in Berlin and Guatemala’s first ever Oscar submission. Temblores shows how a family man is dragged back and forth between the love for his family, the boundaries of religion and the freedom to choose who you love. The film will be released on August 22 by Cinéart.

Competition programme

All nine competition films are eligible for the World Cinema Jury Award, to which a prize amount of € 5,000 is attached. The programme can be seen in Rialto and De Balie.

The nominees:

1.       Jayro Bustamante for TEMBLORES (Guatemala, 2019, 107’) opening film and Dutch premiere

2.       Blitz Bazawule for THE BURIAL OF KOJO (Ghana, 2018, 80’) Dutch premiere

3.       Lila Avilés for LA CAMARISTA (Mexico, 2018, 102’) Dutch premiere

4.      Sofía Quirós Ubeda for CENIZA NEGRA (Costa Rica, 2019, 82’) Dutch premiere

5.       Gabriel Mascaro for DIVINO AMOR (Brazil, 2019, 100’) Dutch premiere

6.       Yusuf Radjamuda for MOUNTAIN SONG (Indonesia, 2019, 76’) European première

7.       Wang Quan’an for ÖNDÖG (Mongolia, 2019, 100’) Dutch premiere

8.       Çağla Zencirci and Guillaume Giovanetti for SIBEL (Turkey, 2018, 95’) Dutch premiere

9.       Zoya Akhtar for GULLY BOY (India, 2019, 148’) closing film  and Dutch premiere

Film makers at the festival

Filmmakers Jayro Bustamante, Blitz Bazawule, Gabriel Mascaro and Yusuf Radjamuda will travel to Amsterdam to visit World Cinema Amsterdam. Gabriela Cartol, the lead actrice from La camarista, will also be present.

Closing Film

The Indian film Gully Boy will close the festival on Saturday August 24. Filmmaker Zoya Akhtar brings a fascinating mix of Bollywood and hip hop in this colorful but socially critical story about a rapper from a slum in Mumbai.

World Cinema Jury 2019

Three film professionals decide who wins the prestigious World Cinema Jury Award 2019. Who are they?

Fay Breeman, manager Hubert Bals Fund, International Film Festival Rotterdam;

Nia Dinata, celebrated filmmaker and producer from Indonesia who addresses in her films sensitive themes such as homosexuality, polygamy and immigration issues;

Hesdy Lonwijk, Dutch maker of films, television series and commercials, who is committed to a more inclusive film world.

The prize winner will be announced on Saturday evening August 24 prior to the screening of the final film.