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WCA from the comfort of your couch

Films via Picl and NPO 2 extra

Of course we hope to see you all in Rialto and De Balie during our festival, but if it doesn't happen for some reason, you can also enjoy a number of great films via Picl and NPO 2 extra from the comfort of your own couch.

NPO 2 extra

Around the Independence Day of Indonesia (17 August) and the Cinema Indonesia programme of WCA, NPO 2 extra has compiled a programme of five films:

Wed 14 August | 20:30
Die Before Blossom - Ariani Djalal, 2014, 89’, documentary
Almost seventy years after Indonesia's independence, the education system is increasingly determined by Islamic values.

Wed 21 August | 20:30
Stand van de Sterren - Leonard Retel Helmrich, 2010, 109', documentary
Documentary about the daily life of Rumidja Sjamsuddin and her family in a slum in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Sat 24 August | 19:30
Van Indië tot Indonesië - John Albert Jansen, 2009, 59’, documentary
Portrait of the Indonesian writer Sitor Situmorang. His life story ran parallel with radical changes in Indonesian society. In 2009, filmmaker John Albert Jansen traveled with Situmorang to his birthplace at Lake Toba, Sumatra.

Sat 24 August | 20:30 
The Seen and Unseen - Kamila Andini, 2017, 83’
Feature film from WCA's Cinema Indonesia-programme. 10-year-old Tantra is seriously ill and doesn't have long to live. His twin sister Tantri tries to prepare herself for the inevitable in her dreams.

Sat 24 August | 22:00 
The Act of Killing - Joshua Oppenheimer, 2012, 159', documentaire
Documentary about the paramilitary commandos who, in the 1960s, killed nearly a million Indonesian communists, Chinese and intellectuals on the orders of Suharto.


From 15 August to 30 September, four films from previous World Cinema Amsterdam editions, can be viewed via our online theatre, on Picl. Simply when it suits you, with your favourite snacks, from the comfort of your own couch:

Ixcanul - Jayro Bustamante 2015, 99’
by the director who is opening the 10th edition this year with his new film Temblores

Sir - Rohena Gera, 2018, 99’
winner WCA Audience Award 2018

Las herederas - Marcelo Martinessi, 2018, 98’
winner WCA Jury Award 2018

Weldi - Mohamed Ben Attia, 2018, 104’
recently released