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Opening Cinema Indonesia

European premiere Mountain Song & Anniversary Party

Saturday evening our focus programme Cinema Indonesia opened with the European premiere of Mountain Song, the debut film of Yusuf Radjamuda, which is also part of this year's Competition programme. Radjamuda himself was present to present his film. Traditionally, afterwards, it was party time, this year with Dj Guzz and 'spekkoek'-cocktails.

Earlier in the afternoon the well-attended talk show: The past in/and the present: representations of Dutch colonial rule and resistance in Indonesian and Dutch media and culture took place, led by Lara Nuberg and Reza Kartosen-Wong, with which the programme wants to give attention to the special bond and painful history that the Netherlands and Indonesia share with each other, and the impact of the Dutch kolonial rule. In addition, the focus programme is of course also a celebration of Indonesian independent cinema, and the talent of the new generation of film makers who make themselves heard.

Photo credits: Melanie Lemahieu, Cloud Mine Photography.