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The challenges with programmes such as 'Go Cuba!'

Independent culture, artistic freedom and state censorship in the Cuban arts today

A discussion between DutchCulture and Raymond Walravens, founder of 'Go Cuba!' about independent culture, artistic freedom and state censorship in the Cuban arts today.

The purpose of 'Go Cuba!' is to create opportunities for Cuban filmmakers to independently produce works and present them internationally. However, international cultural collaboration with a country like Cuba does pose numerous challenges, Walravens says.  “We want to evaluate applications based on their cinematographic quality and relevance for Cuba, but we don’t want to impose European standards. You can avoid this to some extent by allowing makers to submit applications in Spanish and emphasising that they should write their applications not for us, but for their own country and local environment.” According to Walravens, films that express a local urgency often turn out to have a worldwide appeal: “We are looking for local films with universal themes, not some kind of co-production between Cuba and Europe.” 

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Also this year 'Go Cuba!' will take place. The annual filmproductions will be presented during WCA from August 19 to 28, 2021.