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Submission for GO CUBA! 2021 closed

It is no longer possible to submit projects

El plazo para presentar proyectos en la ronda de 2021 está cerrado. Los resultados se darán a conocer alrededor del 30 de abril.

With the annual GO CUBA! budget, approximately 5 short films, documentaries and / or animation films, and 2 full-length films can be supported each year, including promotion / distribution costs for the films concerned. It is no longer possible to register projects for 2021. The WCA selection committee will assess all submitted projects with great enthusiasm between 15 February and 30 April 2021. Thanks to everyone who submitted his or her project! The results will be made public around April 30.

Every approved project receives a subsidy decision from the World Cinema Amsterdam Foundation. On this basis, account will be given to the assessment committee for the film production concerned. The applicant for the awarded project will have to submit a statement with an overview and copies of the expenditure incurred. The World Cinema Amsterdam Foundation will check this bill and, if desired, ask for additional information or supporting documents. Filmmakers of approved projects will of course receive a message about this after April 15, 2021.

Go Cuba! 2019 presents: Agosto