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Perro Bomba

Steevens, a young Haitian, experiences the by no means lighthearted problems of immigrants in Chile when he tries to help a childhood friend.

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Deze voorstelling maakt deel uit van Rialto Filmclub met als gastspreker deze maand Ernst-Jan Pfauth.

Perro Bomba

Even if you lack money, make sure you have class – this seems to aptly sum up the life motto of Steevens, a young Haitian who is opting for a new look with the addition of some cheap hair extensions in the opening scene. More generally, it also applies to this refreshing low-budget production highlighting the far from whimsical problems of immigrants in Chile, with loose camerawork, an improvised script and random musical inserts.

Steevens may not have much money, but he does have a job and a home. It soon becomes clear how precariously balanced his life is when he reaches out to help a childhood friend. Dealing with the newcomer exposes the racist culture at Steevens' workplace. When Steevens takes a swing at his boss, the media have a field day, dragging him and in his wake the entire Haitian community through the mud. Now Steevens discovers what it means to be on your own as a black man in Santiago.


Mauricio Corco  | Chile | 2021 | 18’ | Spanish spoken | English subtitles
After years of hard work and saving, young Haitian immigrant, Mti, decides to return home to his wife and daughter. However, his plans are cut short by the sudden theft of his money.

JUAN CÁCERES (1990, Chile) graduated from the University of Chile and debuted with the short Desiderium, which premiered at Santiago International Film Festival (SANFIC). In 2017 his short La duda also premiered at SANFIC and toured festivals including Havana, São Paulo and Toulouse. Perro Bomba is his feature debut and won the Latin Film Competition Audience Award at Gramado.