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Kisah Dua Jendela 

Andrea is always working alone at the office in Jakarta at night, during the same hours when Leon is writing his manuscript at a coffee shop directly across from her office building. One day they discover each other.

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Deze voorstelling maakt deel uit van Rialto Filmclub met als gastspreker deze maand Ernst-Jan Pfauth.


Loneliness is always lurking in the megapolis of Jakarta. Take Andrea for example, who goes to work at night, at a time when the office is completely deserted. It is no different for writer Leon, who leaves for his favourite café late at night, to work on his manuscript. The café lies directly opposite Andrea's office building, and of course Leon notices the light that is always still on behind one window. He can also see a shadow and wonders who that is. Andrea is as curious about the figure she keeps seeing at the café late at night. One day they discover each other.

In this romantic story, director Paul Agusta paid particular attention to fully fleshing out his characters. Leon and Andrea are convincingly real, with depth and complexity, also due to the terrific acting of the two principal protagonists Dinda Kanyadewi and Khiva Iskak.

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Thu 22 August | 21:45 
Sat 24 August| 14:30 

Dluwang : The Past from the Trash
Agni Tirta | Indonesia | 2017 |  25’ | Indonesian spoken | English subtitles
You can visit the Klithikan flea market in Yogyakarta nearly every day of the year. Toni works there, buying and selling historical documents. Here the past is hiding in the trash.


PAUL AGUSTA (1980, Indonesia) studied film in the USA before returning to Indonesia in 2003. Before 2007 he was known mainly as a film critic, festival manager and curator, but he now focuses on filmmaking. His debut feature The Anniversary Gift (2008) screened at festivals and events worldwide. Daysleepers is an urban romance exploring loneliness and disconnection in Jakarta.