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Cine Chile

A special focus program on Chilean cinema.

In cooperation with the team of Centro de Cine y Creac├şon (CCC) from Santiago de Chile, WCA presents a special focus programme with alot of attention for Chilean cinema: Cine Chile.

Film lovers are probably familiar with Pablo Larrain's most recent films, but Chile produces wonderful films every year that are invariably selected for festivals such as Berlin, Cannes, Venice, Locarno and our own IFFR, which are less well known here. Time to bring this talent to the Netherlands and present it.


Cine Chile features

La vaca que cant├│ una canci├│n hacia el futuro

After drowning years ago, Magdalene rises from a poisoned river with a mission. A magical-realist feature debut by Francisca Alegria.

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Mis hermanos sue├▒an despiertos

Ángel and his little brother Franco fantasize about life after prison, but there is no date for a trial. A poignant film about how a failing legal system robs vulnerable young people of a future.

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Despite living for the malambo and wanting nothing more than to dance, the passionate and ambitious Cabra gets deeper and deeper into the world of crime.

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Pacto de Fuga

January 1990. 49 political prisoners manage to escape heroically from Santiago prison.

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Perro Bomba

Steevens, a young Haitian, experiences the by no means lighthearted problems of immigrants in Chile when he tries to help a childhood friend.

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El Pa(de)ciente

Ophthalmologist Sergio discovers how the economic and human interests of health care compete when he himself must be treated for a rare condition.

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Proyecto Fantasma

A dog, lots of plants and lack of money; newly graduated actor Pablo experiences the adult responsibilities that come with life for the first time.

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Perros sin cola

Breakdance is the outlet of Rosario, who has a bad relationship with her mother and has been suspended from school. Despite everything, she tries to keep her head above water.

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Chile, 1976: 49-year-old Carmen is asked to take care of the mysterious Elias, during the right-wing dictatorship of General Pinochet.

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